Solsoc's five-year programme in Burundi contributes to the advancement of the 4 pillars of decent work: social protection, the defence of workers' rights, job creation and social dialogue.

Solsoc supports 27 mutual insurance companies that provide access to health care for more than 5,300 families in Burundi's 5 coffee-growing regions. Despite the difficulties encountered by mutual health insurance companies following the relaunch of the Medical Assistance Card, which is almost free and therefore impossible to compete with, they have become more efficient and contribute to improving the socio-economic conditions of households and the quality of health care. Important advocacy work is also being done for better social protection. Solsoc also supports cooperatives so that they can be more autonomous, for example by developing a processing activity. All these initiatives are being strengthened thanks to the training of leaders of mutuals and cooperatives at the Haguruka People's University, which has become a local reference in this field.

In Burundi, Solsoc also participates in the defence of workers' rights through the Burundian Federation of Food Workers (FEBUTRA). 11 trade unions have been set up in the formal and informal agri-food sector to train members and leaders, provide trade union education and support their social dialogue.

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