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  • Consistent with its view of the world, through its actions, Solsoc promotes:
  • Fair distribution of resources and power
  • A balanced global governance
  • Respect for human rights
  • Socio-economic alternatives that sustainably generate social welfare for all.


For Solsoc, a better world in the medium-term must be reflected by:

  • Better global economic and political governance taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the UN for 2030
  • Respect for human rights and international law
  • The reduction in social, economic and environmental inequalities and the elimination of gender inequality
  • Recognition of social protection and decent work as universal rights
  • Guaranteed Universal Health Insurance for all
  • The extension of the social and solidarity economy.
  • A civil society involved in the definition of public policies and guarantor of democracy
  • Consistency between external policies and the Sustainable Development Goals.


Solsoc’s priority action strategy relies on partnerships with actors of social change who share Solsoc’s values and vision.

In the south, partnerships translate into financial, material and/or human support for local initiatives and building the capacities of actors at all levels. In the north, we work with organisations that share our approaches.

Internationally, the terms of the Solsoc partnership, budgets and strategies are discussed and validated by all southern partners with whom agreements are established. These partners constitute an international network of organisations and social movements that host annual themed meetings regionally and internationally. Monitoring missions for head office are carried out at least twice a year in each country.

Unlike other organisations, Solsoc does not have volunteers in the field but works directly with the local social movements and organisations that it supports. Solsoc helps them to develop projects that they themselves have defined with the beneficiaries that they themselves target. Since 2017, Solsoc has helped 24 partners in the south who in turn, have supported 310 local organisations.

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